Tarot Reading

with Karen Dess

Tarot Reading

Life Path Readings using tarot and metasymbology give personal insight and clarity.

Life Path Readings combine the wisdom of Tarot cards, Metasymbology and Chinese Nine Star Ki, and are an integral part of the Karen’s therapeutic work. Using tarot cards together with life path charts based on your date of birth and age allows her to understand who you are, where you’re at, and what circumstances you will encounter going forward.

What is Metasymbology?

Your birthdate gives you a life path and a character structure. Metasymbology is a way of characterising personality types. It is based on charts derived from the Tree Of Life and allows unique understanding into an individual’s thought and behaviour patterns. It documents all the parts of you including your destiny.

Metasymbology charts are read across a grid of 49 squares, seven squares across by seven squares down, where each square represents the combined effects of the planetary aspects of two planets, starting from Mercury, excluding the Earth, and ending with Neptune. It is calculated using your birthdate and it gives great insight into who you are and how you can be successful. I use it together with tarot to answer all your questions.

Metasymbology allows unique understanding into an individual’s thought and behaviour patterns, opening the way for holistic and organic change to occur

Life Path Readings will empower you with the knowledge and answers to access the very best in yourself. Just give me your date of birth and your specific questions and I can help you with whatever is you need to know.

How Can Readings Help?

Clients ask a broad variety of questions, all of which I will work to answer. Over the years the most popular questions have been as follows:

  • Romance – current partners, ex partners, future partners
  • Work – current jobs, career direction, ideal job
  • Life direction – your path, changes to expect, challenges to overcome
  • Your feelings – how to overcome anxiety, shyness and insecurity
  • Your strengths – how to master your drive, your ambitions, your dreams
  • Your blind spots – what’s not working out the way you want – and why.
  • Other people – why they behaving that way and what you can do about it
  • Overview of the coming year – what’s going to happen and what you can do about it
  • and so much more …

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